Health and Safety Practices in the
Otto H. York Center for Environmental Engineering and Science

The major job in the York Center is to plan and conduct research that is related to addressing and solving environmental challenges. In doing so, we must all be aware of and responsive to the environment around us. A large concern in environmental research is the identification and reduction of risk to human health and the environment. We should have no less concern about risk reduction related to the actual day-to-day operations within the Center.

An effective Health and Safety program is an important contributor to a low-risk workplace. Health and Safety requires knowledge of any risks that may result from particular research activities, a plan for protection from such risks and a plan for responding to any dangerous outcomes that might result. In addition, it depends on have available appropriate safety apparatus and response tools that may be necessary. Above all, it requires vigilance and a sense of community within the Center. The health and safety of all of us depends on cooperation and a commitment to speak up about safety issues and concerns. The administrators of the Center will listen to and respond as quickly as possible to safety questions and suggestions.

State regulations and good sense require the preparation of a SAFETY REVIEW AND APPROVAL CHECKLIST for each research activity. For the York Center each ongoing and new research program should have either on file or should prepare the Checklist form. A blank form appears on this site.

In addition, a copy of the NJIT Chemical Hygiene Guide is linked to this page. The Chemical Hygiene Guide provides important information about the appropriate use of chemicals and approaches for risk reduction and response to problems that may arise.

Links to other important health and safety resources are also provided. If there are any questions, concerns, or suggestions for improvement please contact me or Dr. Larisa Krishtopa, Director of the Materials Characterization Laboratory.

Safety Review and Approval Checklist. (PDF Document)
Laboratory Safety Manual. (PDF Document)

Daniel J. Watts
Executive Director
October 14, 2002

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